Halcyon Greenway Update by District 2 Commissioner Rick Swope

At $370 million, Halcyon is one of the largest projects in the county and certainly in D2.  Since we all see the piles of dirt being moved around, it would be nice to know what's coming out of the activity.  Here's an update related to the new greenway trailhead.

HALCYON just received its retaining wall permits, so construction has started on those.  The wall has to go in before they can grade and finish the trail.

In early June, the team will be able to get back to completing the trail, and then pavement will likely be completed this summer.  The Big Creek Greenway Extension will add approximately 0.75 miles to the trail, as well as a new paved and lit parking lot, restrooms and a trailhead

The extension of the Big Creek Greenway will tie directly into the walkable community of HALCYON. The team behind HALCYON believes Forsyth County will see a similar pattern of success to that of the Atlanta BeltLine and all the wonderful economic, community and environmental progress that has been made surrounding that effort.

Nature trails and parks connected to the BCG, which has additional phases planned to expand the trail to 15 miles. The Greenway is a natural wilderness preserve and offers an ideal setting for walking, jogging and biking. By prioritizing and funding the extension of the trailhead, HALCYON puts nature and active recreation squarely in the forefront.  It's nice to see a developer putting a priority on a community amenity like this.

Source: http://www.forsythco.com/Commissioner-News/District-2/PostId/506/halcyon-greenway-update